Home of the Custom T-Shirt

How do you become "Home of the Custom T-Shirt?"  You cater to just about everyone who needs a shirt (may it be 1 or 1000).

The Junkyard has become well known for putting smiles on people's faces when they walk in wondering if we can make their dad a shirt with his favorite saying on it for his birthday or making a ten year old kid a shirt of a drawing he made and is so proud of or even making a shirt that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to us even after the customer tries to explain the strange saying or drawing (but whatever makes them satisfied, then we are satisfied).

The best part of making your own custom shirt is that you get to choose the color and style of the shirt (or sweatshirt), the font and color you want your lettering in and even the layout.  From beginning to end, it's the customers custom shirt.  We also do photo shirts which allows people to preserve their favorite memory on a shirt may it be a family members graduation photo, a baby's first birthday photo or a silly photo that no one would want to see of themselves on a shirt but that's what friends are for...torture!

Making custom shirts keeps The Junkyard ahead of what others don't offer.  And to top it off, we usually do 99% of them while you wait (5-10 minutes later you have your shirt).  Need a custom t-shirt?  Check out our store and click on the Custom T-Shirt button and we'll make it happen for you!

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