Homeless Lives Matter #HonoringDanny T-Shirt

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Danny Aldape was my brother. He grew up in the Chicagoland area loving heavy metal music and landed his dream job at a radio station. He loved animals, Chicago White Sox and the Blackhawks.

While on his journey though life, Danny became homeless. Still close to home his family was able to see him often and make sure he was okay. For a few years, Danny was off the streets, safe at home, found a job at Home Depot and was saving money. Fall of 2016 he decided to leave again and this time he ended up in Las Vegas.

January 2017, after his family had not received their weekly calls, they found out Danny had be viciously murdered while sleeping on the streets in Las Vegas. The act was random as it was reported that Danny was completely covered in his blanket (unidentifiable by the killer) when he was struck repeatedly with a hammer. The killer struck again a month later. Same vicious crime against a homeless man. Same location. The case is still open.

This shirt is to honor my brother, Danny, who is missed by his family and friends. We are still trying to understand why and how something like this can happen to an innocent and fun loving person who would never hurt a soul.

After you make this purchase, please take a photo of you wearing the shirt and post it with the hashtag #HonoringDanny to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Together we can make sure that everyone knows that Homeless Lives Matter. $7 from every shirt sold will be donated to homeless organizations helping those in need across the country.